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Tom Ballou, President, ARM Environmental Services in Columbia, South Carolina

"Robin Lewis' experience and expertise are based on his direct involvement in over 100 mitigation projects. He is widely recognized as one of the real experts in wetland mitigation, and is one of the few with a proven record of success. I have worked with Robin on several projects in South Carolina and Georgia, and he has always played a critical role in developing the optimal design to ensure success and cost-effectiveness."

Thomas Reese, attorney-at-law, on expert witness testimony provided by Robin Lewis on the water quality impacts from emissions of a new fuel proposed for use by Florida Power and Light Company

"Robin's knowledge of Tampa Bay was unquestioned by Florida Power and Light and his testimony was very authoritative and convincing. He also has been very helpful in making the regulatory agencies address the science in making their decisions."

Teri Klonsky, P.E., former environmental coordinator of the Port Everglades (Florida) Authority and now a private consultant

"Robin not only resolved inter-agency conflicts for us, but also redesigned a major mitigation project that would have been destined to fail. He saved the Port more than a half-million dollars, and a lot of embarrassment, and created one of the most successful projects in Broward County at John U. Lloyd State Recreation Area."

Lucy Dunn, senior vice president of The Koll Real Estate Group, which hired Lewis Environmental to review the restoration of 1,100 acres of marsh in Orange County, California and negotiate permitting issues with federal agencies

"Few projects in the nation have endured such intense debate, and our hope is that Bolsa Chica will now become a model for land use planners who must balance environmental and economic objectives. Your hard work and creativity in approaching the issues ... has set the standard for many others to follow."

Col. Bruce Howard, Commander, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, in acknowledgment of Robin Lewis' participation in the Wetland Mitigation Workshop at Raleigh, North Carolina

"Your technical expertise, attention to detail, and willingness to go the extra mile' reflect upon your professionalism and greatly contributed to the success of the workshop."


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